Blogging Purpose

As a blogger, I think one of the necessary discussions for digital writing is how to go about creating a meaningful blog. It seems a trend that people who think they should get into blogging assume their blog must be about themselves.  I myself started blogging as a sort of diary or journal merely for my own purposes.  But this brings up an interesting set of questions.  Do people really want read about my life, and if I’m going to write about myself, how do I do it in a way to engage readers?

There are a great many ideas worth blogging about. There are so many different kinds of blogs that blogging itself hardly has a definition.  At some point, a blogger must locate a theme, style, genre, or purpose and then write to the audience she wants to engage.  This is self-promotion, to some degree.  And when it comes to blog promotion, harnessing an understanding of your audience and knowing what the best blogs look like will help promote your blog.

Now, first of all, your blog must have a theme and recurring content of its own. Simply starting a blog account just so you can have arguments with people isn’t good blogging — it’s antisocial behavior and, frankly, a possible sign of a personality disorder. Negativity doesn’t translate well online. Then, what you need to do is a pick a theme that interests you, preferably one you’re fairly knowledgeable about already. Then work on providing good content in line with the suggestions provided by any reputable blogging advice site. Update regularly, frequently and with good material.

Honestly, the only way to grasp what is good material, you have to read. Read other blogs, preferably within your chosen theme, of course. Choose people whose work you agree with, some whose work you disagree with and, for flavor, a few people who are back and forth on your radar — neither just right nor entirely wrong all the time.

Reading will give you insight into what’s going on with your chosen topic. It’s the same as all types of writing — to be a good writer you must be a reader.  Being well read will give you more to say to your own readers, because you’ll be well-informed and up-to-date on all the hot topics. Also, it’s a good establishment of your ethos to participate in the commenter communities of these blogs, establishing a reputation for yourself as someone who provides insightful commentary and polite participation.

All the best blogs keep their readers coming back because they keep to their themes and they update material frequently.  Blogs left untouched for too long don’t maintain audiences.

For more tips on beginning blogging, check this article:



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