Why Write Right?

It’s true. I’m a teacher. But I am not the strict, slap-your-hand-with-a-ruler type when it comes to the English language. What I do hope to accomplish is help to generate discussion regarding best methods available to modern writers.  This also means taking into consideration the materials and means that aid writers in their craft, especially in the digital age.

It is worth noting here that I take a practical and pragmatic approach to writing instruction.  I am less interested in technical applications than the execution of ideas; however, I feel that an individual may build ethos (reputation) by learning the most widely accepted and recognized rules.  Because we engage in dialogue and participate in media-supported social interactions every day, it becomes more and more pertinent to demonstrate precision.  One badly misspelled, mis-punctuated, or poorly written email can change others’ views of your capacity for communication.  Since writing is everyday reality, we must all be conscientiously dedicated to “writing right”.

So this website is a practical applications page.  I will draw from suggestions, questions, dialogues and observations and work to create coherent, usable tips and pointers to help individuals enhance their skills.  I welcome feedback and interaction to continue the ongoing conversation that helps to hone writing craft.

I’m not going for formalism here; in fact, what I hope is that this page will be light-hearted, humorous and helpful all at the same time.  Punishment over language does nothing but create stigma, and a stigmatized writer never finds a distinct voice.  So I will wield no red pens (nor did I ever as a teacher — I always used pink, blue, green or purple), and I will conduct my own editorial approach to the widely varying topics that outline the task of writing.

I am excited about this adventure, and I look forward to our discussions to come!


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